7 Tips And Tricks You Can Do To Boost Engagement With Your Instagram Audience

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Boosting engagement is an effective way to make sure that a marketing strategy on Instagram becomes successful. However, engagement on Instagram, just like engagement on other social media websites can be elusive. We will demystify the elusiveness of success on Instagram. Through the tips and tricks you learn here in this article, you will be able to boost user engagement on your Instagram profile. So read on and discover how to engage with other users on Instagram.

Repost content from users who have submitted to your feed.

20150716181454-instagram-insta-social-mediaYou can greatly increase the number of users who are engaging with you by posting user generated content. Remember do not steal content from other users, instead be sure to credit and mention where you got the post from properly. The user you have gotten the image from will be grateful that you have even acknowledged them. And you get one free photo post to boot too. And if you post user generated content, it also encourages other users to share their photos and submit them to you too, in hopes of you acknowledging them too. Posting user generated content is an effective way to foster goodwill among your followers.

Post photos that are targeted to a specific Instagram audience.

If you want your Instagram profile to be successful and have a lot of followers, you should post content that is targeted towards a specific audience. If you do this, you can garner a large following on your Instagram page. It also makes people more willing to follow you because you are posting content that they are interested in.

a-social-media-marketing-checklist_zxd3-640Strategically utilize hashtags.

Hashtags, when used right, can allow more people to discover your photos. You can also express some message with your use of specific hashtags. However, you should be aware that the use of hashtags can backfire. An improper use of hashtags can be some as ignorant at best or deliberately malicious at worst. That is why you have to utilize hashtags with a proper strategy in mind. You have to learn when and how to use hashtags effectively. One way that you can use hashtags effectively is by using hashtags that are becoming popular or are trending, if you do this, you can gain more followers because a trending hashtag means that more people are looking through the tag.

Post specific pictures at best times.

Certain times of the day will have peak levels of Instagram users, so you should time your new post to hit that specific time, to maximize the number of users who will see your new post on Instagram. You should also consider posting new content during specific days or times of the week, to create a regular posting schedule for your Instagram. If you do this, then your followers will know when to expect when you are active.

Write good captions for your posts.

A good caption should tell a story about the Instagram post. If you write a good Instagram caption to go with your post, you could increase the number of people who are engaged by your post on 20150810165227-ipad-social-media-facebook-instagramInstagram. Try to tell or story or ask an active question to get people to participate with your post.

Hold activities and competitions for your followers.

Nothing makes user engagement on Instagram increase like a good competition or activity. For a competition, you can ask your followers to submit certain pictures or content. And for activities, you can ask your followers questions. There are a lot of things you can do for an Instagram activity, and it will surely boost follower engagement.

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